September 2, 2008

From the inside out

The other day I was talking with some friends and I had a thought that I wanted to share. As we go through life, all of our external surroundings label us or give us a title. For instance, in school I am a student, at work I am an employee, a brother makes me a sister, an aunt makes me a niece, a friend makes me a friend, etc. So many labels and they are all dependent on an external source or being. There is only one internal label or God given title. That is the title of mother. This literally comes from within. It labels us from the inside out. In my mind this is the greatest of all. Isaiah has given my life purpose, meaning, and direction that I didn't have before. He is truly my greatest accomplishment, and as the song goes, "My life's one Miracle". He is my world and I feel so privileged to be called his mother. 

Our Angel Baby