September 8, 2008


So this apartment we live in.... I want to burn it. Really. For those of you that don't know we are house-sitting for a couple that are temple presidents in Japan. It is big and spacious, and it has washer and dryer, it is comfortable, and we love the location. (These are all things i have used to talk myself into staying here for the last year, that's right, I have lasted a whole year!) However, on Friday night we doubled with our good friends the Jones' and went to their apartment after. It is Gorgeous! so cute, and ever since then i am determined to get out of here! I just can't take the pink carpet, blue plaid couched, {yep all of the grandpa furniture came with it} floral printed walls anymore! I just can't do it. And now we are a little late too find a place 'cause I'm sure everything is full now that school has started but if anyone knows of ANYTHING that is still open, PLEASE LET US KNOW!!! many thanks:)  

xox, seth and jenna (the suffering students)

Our Angel Baby