September 24, 2008

We're in!

This post is simply to tell all of our beloved friends and family that we are in! We have moved in to our new place here in Orem and I LOVE IT!!! As soon as i can find my way through all of these boxes and can decorate a little i will post pictures- however- it might be a while, simply because right now i should be unloading or cleaning or doing something productive but honestly i don't want to. im tired. so instead i'm gonna sit on my couch and try to see around and through the all of the mess to my t.v. and watch Dan in Real Life, while i snuggle with my Isaiah and drink Apple Cider. (not because it's freezing cold outside, it's actually about 75 degrees, but if i drink hot cider and snuggle in a blanket i can pretend it is actually cooling down to fall weather.)  and i just read what i have written and decided to end this post now-  probably the most random post ever... Eh. what do ya do. Love you all!  

Our Angel Baby