December 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby!!!

NO- Isaiah isn't a year old yet, Happy birthday to my other baby, Seth! Thursday was Seth's 24th Birthday! I think it was a good day for him, at least I hope it was. I made him breakfast in bed, and gave him his gifts, (he got a money clip and a nice chess board... whatever makes him happy, :) Then we hung out for a while and went to lunch at tucanos, (Yummy!) then we went to a movie. 
I feel sooo blessed to have my perfect husband. In one of my all time favorite movies, The Sound of Music, there is a song, it goes:

Nothing comes from nothing 
Nothing ever could
So somewhere in my youth or childhood
I must have done something good

That describes my thoughts perfectly. I don't know what I ever could have done to deserve such a perfect man. He is my Best Friend. My life. He alone, has turned my world around. He is my angel, he has truly saved me. I would be lost without him. He is the most kind hearted, gentle, sweet, soft, MAN i have ever known. I emphasize "man" because he has shown me that a real man is gentle, yet still "manly" in every sense of the word. He is the only man I know that could decorate our beautiful Christmas tree, or make me a gorgeous arrangement of flowers, and then go build a shed, or play a game of football, AND always be the best at whatever he does. Honestly. He is that amazing. I love him more today than ever before. Seth, You Complete Me. Happy Birthday my love. XOXO 

Our Angel Baby