January 18, 2009

So take that.

 i wish was thinner.

i wish i was taller.. but not really. okay maybe a few inches

i wish i was smarter.

i wish i were more creative.

i wish i had more money.

i wish i was prettier.

i wish i were a better mom/wife.

i wish we were done with school.

i wish i were more spiritual.

i wish i were more vocal about my testimony and standing up for truth.

*i wish, i wish, i wish... and then all i've done is wished my life away with what i am not. i am promising myself to try to be happy with what and who i am. For that is who the lord intended me to be. He made me. and he doesn't make mistakes. 

{You are a child of Diety, his crowning creation.} - President Gordon B. Hinkley

Our Angel Baby