May 9, 2009

Earth Angel

I am a firm believer that the lord sends us angels, also known as children, to teach us and guide us while here on earth. At times, the journey can seem long and even hopeless, and it is those times that only the innocence and honesty of a child can penetrate the heart and soul in a way that none other can. Isaiah is teaching me more and more of this concept daily. I wanted to share the most recent lesson I've learned from my earth angel.

Thursday was a horrible day. I have had a severe sinus infection, constant headache, and more snot than... well you get the point. Seth works Monday - Saturday until around 10 or 11 p.m.- (we are having serious daddy with-drawls), and in the last 13 days we have seen the sunshine once. Yes Once. It has been pouring rain nearly every day. Isaiah has been cooped up inside for way too long, with the few toys we brought out here, and a very boring mother. Apparently New Yorkers don't believe in play rooms, play grounds, or even swimming pools... Not a very child friendly area.
And Really- you can only kick the ball up and down the hall so many times before you go in sane! 

And how many times do I need to tell him not to eat the play dough?

Bubbles are just a mind game- an illusion of dancing disappearing balls. 

And I'm about ready to throw "Baby's First Sounds", Baby Einstein DVD out the friggen' window!

Needless to say we are both on edge. 

Thursday I was truly at my wits end. Poor Isaiah was bored out of his mind, I was feeling terrible and again it was typhoon wind and rain outside. I finally gave up and went and got in bed pulled the covers over my head and cried. I cried like a baby. It was a little ridiculous. (okay a lot ridiculous)

Shortly after my tantrum I pulled the covers down and Isaiah was standing by my bedside with his chubby little arms folded looking up at me.

DUH! It was so simple. How was it that Isaiah understood that all we needed was a little help from Heavenly Father and I had totally missed it? 

I felt like a complete and utter idiot. Just Pray. I pulled him up on my lap, held him and cried a little more as we prayed together for comfort and peace.  

It was literally two minutes later that my sister-in-law Katie, (who lives out here across the hall from us) knocked on my door. I opened the door at 5 P.M. (yes p.m.) in my robe with old mascara smeared down my face, and Isaiah on my hip. 
"Give him to me and you go lay down, I will take him for a few hours so you can rest." 

Seriously Isaiah, next time remind me a little sooner would ya?!

Truly Katie was an answer to my prayer. And my earth angel was the reminder I needed to turn to the One who knows all. He is there. He hears us. He cares and loves each one of us. He will send us the comfort we need if we just remember to ask. 

Thank you my baby for teaching mommy today, you saved me yet again.

Our Angel Baby