June 18, 2009

My Isaiah Updates

* New favorite word is "TOO TOO"- you say this whenever you hear the train whistle in front of our apartments. This morning at 5:30- ish- we thought you were sound asleep til' the train came by and you said "TOO TOO!" with a huge grin on your face. You started off the day with a giggle.

* You say "teezz",  for Teeth (which means you want to brush your teeth) Please, Cheese, and  Keys. We just have to see which one of these is in eye sight.

* Your new found love is the 'wiggles' DVD- Sometimes I wish I had never introduced that one to you... But then when I see your eyes light up and you start shaking that little tush I would watch those annoying little ferries dance 20 times over. 

* You never say 'mom' once- It's 'mom. mom. mom. mom.' til i've figures out what you are trying to tell me.

* You LOVE doing anything outside-- (if only this bloody rain would let up)

* Yesterday you gave mom the sweetest loves ever. I was exhausted and put my head in my hands and just sat on the floor- you rushed to my side threw your arms around my neck and kissed me on the lips. Then you held my face in your chubby little hands and said something along the lines of, 
'thes a soth e ah mom.'
Spoke right to my heart, and I was completely all better.

* You LOVE to play hide and seek. 

* You STILL LOVE peek a boo.

* You STILL LOVE anything round.

* When you are tired and ready for your nap you say 'in a bo-ow n na'  
(i want my bottle and night night.)
you say this as you run to the bed side. 

*You STILL have to hold my face in your hands as you fall asleep. I adore this about you.

* You truly are the happiest child I have ever known. People comment daily about what a happy boy you are. In fact- you went to Nursery the other day, (i know i know- he's not old enough yet, but the nursery leader told me to leave him so I did. I checked in every five minutes-- but none the less) and when I came in at the end of church to pick you up the nursery leader said, 
"Isaiah is just the happiest little guy we have ever had in here. He is so advanced and interactive with the other children! I never would have known he is only 15 months! In fact he has a new little girl friend that has followed him around the entire time to make sure no one took his toys--  He is just adorable!" already getting the ladies-- oh boy.

* You CLIMB on everything!

* You love to sing. Your favorite song is BOOK OF MORMOM STORIES. Complete with all of the actions. You also do eensie weensie spider, popcorn, and the monkey song. 

* Whenever I say monkey you put your hands in your arm pits and say 'ooh ooh ooh!'

* You fold your arms to say prayer, and have even started closing your eyes and mumbling your own little words here and there. And at the end you say 'MEN'!

* If anything is warm- cold- or hot, you say 'HOT'! sounds more like oughttt!

I'm sure i've forgotten twenty other things.... but for now this is all I've got.
I love you stinker bug- you've made me the happiest mommy in the world, and definitely the luckiest.

Our Angel Baby