September 29, 2009

Smarty Pants

About 2 weeks ago we got Isaiah a "big boy bed"-
he was stoked!
Seriously so excited... but I think he was so happy because he thought it was a trampoline- Needless to say with a newborn and Isaiah's new discovery we have had little sleep around our house.
Anyways- a few day ago I told Isaiah to go to his room and get in bed for his nap. Typically after I close his door he gets up and we hear toys flying, drawers opening, the closet... etc.
however, this time I closed the door and didn't hear a thing.
Which if you know Isaiah you know is not a good thing.
(Like he just laid down and went to sleep... yeah right!)
so i asked Seth to go check on him but not to open the door, just to look under the door, (there's a good two inch gap from the floor to the door) and just see where his feet were in the room.
A minute later I heard Seth laughing, he told me to come quickly, and said,
I put my head down by the floor and looked under to find isaiah's little eyes staring back at me with a huge grin. then he waved and said, "Hi mama!"
I could spank his little bum and cover him in kisses all at the same time.
I love being a mom.

Our Angel Baby