November 2, 2009

Dear Chunky Monkey

On Sunday Oct. 25th, you were held by your daddy and many of the other worthy priesthood holders in your life and given a blessing from your Heavenly Father.
It was a beautiful blessing.
Mommy cried. A LOT.
Your daddy first told you how loved you are and how badly your Heavenly Father misses your sweet spirit.
He spoke of the faithful and courageous man you were before coming to earth, and
how thankful we are that you agreed to be part of our family and allow us to be your parents.
He thanked you for your diligence.
He blessed you with a healthy mind and body throughout your life.
He blessed you to avoid serious illness and injury, that you would be able to continue your earthly mission and help in building the Kingdom of God on the earth.
He blessed you to be worthy to receive all of the needed blessings and
ordinances to someday return to your Heavenly Father.
He blessed you to have a desire to serve an honorable full time mission, and promised you upon the completion of it that you will be prompted to know how to further your education.
He blessed you with a desire to obtain much secular and spiritual wisdom and knowledge.
He spoke of the many lives you have already blessed and will bless throughout your life.
He blessed you to be successful in all of your righteous endeavors.
He blessed you to find a beautiful virtuous woman (he said similar to your mother) to take to the temple and begin your eternal family.
He blessed you with all the needed talents and gifts to accomplish what Heavenly Father has in store for you while here on earth.
He blessed you to continue to be the happy vibrant baby you are now.

He told you of your family's love for you.

He told you of your mommy's love for you, and blessed you to always know how loved and needed you are in our family.

He told you how thankful we are that you are here with us.

Really, he could have gone on and on about the love we have for you Kingston, but the english language is woefully inadequate. It's just something you will learn as you grow further and further into our hearts. You are the epitome of love. I knew you were a very special spirit from the moment I found out you were coming to our family, and I am learning this more and more every moment. I can't wait to watch you grow and experience life. I know you will live it to the fullest. You have that kind of energetic, animated personality.

I love you chunky,


Our Angel Baby