November 6, 2009

Wright Randomness

some of kings cuteness
more cuteness
and more...
and yet again.
me and my Isaiah (how cute is he?)
Isaiah looking a little drunk...
I love this picture.
We put a picture of the temple up on his wall a few weeks ago, and had a lesson on the blessings of the temple.
We decided to take him up to see it... he loved it.
This is him telling mommy all about the 'bempo'.
Lover boy, and the castle

this was at grandma and papa's annual halloween bash.
all of the boy cousins (that were still there, we were a little late... big surprise i know)
My chunky monkey
Chunky monkey with ma mah.
My giggly stinker

Mommy and chunk
Shay aka 'cinderella' and Isaiah aka 'Ninja'

mommy and ninja
Bath time... ebony and Ivory.
That's a wrap!

Our Angel Baby