January 17, 2010

Dode Talks

Hi peeps-
Dode here.
Mom wants me to tell you a story
The other day mom dropped off Isaiah at Grandma's house and took me with her...
I thought,
Just me and mom- Goin' on a date.
Bow- Chica- Bow -Wow
And we were off
WOAH.. Hold on.
The Dr.'s office?
This is where were goin'?
Nice quality time mom.
So I did a little of this.
Come to find out I actually was kinda sick.
The Dr. man called it RSV
and gave me this ridiculous mask thing to wear every 6 hours for a treatment.
I think they thought if they made it look like an elephant I would jump for joy when they put it on me.
So here I am.
All of this did lead to lot's of snuggle time with mommy.
So I guess it wasn't that bad after all.
And don't you worry....
I'm back to my happy normal self again.

Our Angel Baby