January 15, 2010

Isn't he Adorable?...
Good thing... Cause' lately he's been making it his personal mission in life to make Dennis the menace look like an angel.

{in the first 2 pics he found my lipstick... please bless we don't have an adam Lambert on our hands,
In the next two he decided to be a big boy and use the entire tub of pomade on his hair.}
Don't get me wrong, I love the kid more than life itself...
but some days I think if he does make it to the age of 5 it will be purely by the grace of God.

Oh yeah... And another That I was too raging mad to take pictures of was the nail polish all over the carpet.
White carpet.
It. was. awesome.
Don't judge me.
{i know what you're thinking... well duh Jen-- put things away where he can't get them.}
I do put things away!
He climbs like a flippin' monkey to get whatever he can to destroy something with.
But I love him.
Really I do.

P.S. Did I mention i'm back in school? Don't ask me what I was thinking with that one.

Our Angel Baby