June 30, 2010


First of all I want to say thank you for the many comments of encouragement and congratulations on the new baby.
We are very excited, and feel very blessed to be pregnant-
yet again. :)
Didn't know I still had any readers-
so thank you for your support.

Right now baby isn't looking great.
I went in for my first check up last week to find out how far along we really are.
(I was still nursing King, and wasn't certain when we conceived.)
They did an ultrasound and determined that I am either WAY off on when I thought we had conceived,
or Baby isn't looking good and we might miscarry.
We are doing a lot of follow up testing, so we should know more soon.
Can I ask a favor?
Will you keep us in your prayers?
I know the Lord's will is done in all things,
I also know that faith proceeds miracles.
So if you would be so kind
It would be greatly appreciated.

I really thought Heavenly Father had quite the sense of humor
when I found out I was pregnant.
I mean really
3 under 3?
It kinda freaked my out.
But now I know how badly I really want this baby.
not only me, but the boys too.
Isaiah lifts my shirt daily and kisses baby.
I guess Seth had explained to Isaiah that baby is sick,
because he came to me today and
lifted my shirt in the usual fashion
but the words he spoke were different than the usual

'hi bebey!'

This time he said,

'Bebey, you berkon?
it okay bebey,
mommy fix you get better.'

Then he kissed my belly and off he went.
to reek havoc,
of course.
I love my Isaiah.
He really is an angel.
I hope he's right on this one.
I hope mommy's body can fix it.

Our Angel Baby