July 29, 2010

I think they're all wrong.

Here's the deal.
This pregnancy thing hasn't been a whole lot of fun
I know, I know
You loved puking your guts up day in and day out
and you know--
I've tried to enjoy myself,
really I have!
But I've gotta be honest
I just don't particularly enjoy this part of the whole growing a human thing!
To be frank-
It sucks.
So since this lasts about 9 months
I'm thinking I want to see if the old saying holds any water
Cause' let's be real people
This blonde ain't having ANY fun!
(Did i seriously just say ain't?)
SO Maybe,
just maybe all those people were wrong--
Maybe brunette's have more fun.
I'll let you know.
(But i think I've changed my mind again in the 5 mins it took to write this post... so maybe i won't.. or will..)
any opinions???

P.S. My husband is an angel. Last night at midnight I was craving a taco salad that dole makes- aka- heaven. He went to start the car- dead. Of COURSE. So my hunk of a man rode our little mini dirt bike a mile in the dark to smiths.
I know you wish you could have seen my giant of a husband on that dwarf of a bike
Not gonna say I didn't get a good laugh
My hero?
Love him?
More than life itself.

p.s.s. Still goin' private soon, leave your e mail if you'd like.

Our Angel Baby