July 7, 2010

Don touch -e- my --- tail.

I'm going to post pics and happenings of the 4th soon
But first I just had to share this.
On the 4th, wait no the 5th we were walking around downtown provo
enjoying the holiday.
One thing Seth and I like to do together is people watch.
We give awards
(unbeknown to them of course)
Well I had to share the description of the winner with you all.
He was a little asian man.
Shaved head.
'What's so strange about that?'
you ask?
Well let me tell you.
He turned his head.
and suddenly Seth and I both knew that he took the cake.
He had a tail that came out of the nape of his neck and went down to his buttocks.
It. Was. Awesome.
It's like the new and improved mullet!
I mean really I didn't think anything would ever top that
But you, my dear asian friend, have out done them all.
Dear Asian Man:
Please don't ever shave your tail.
You made my day.
Hopefully we will meet again and you can provide another good laugh.

Our Angel Baby