January 19, 2011

...The one with TONS of pictures... (Dec. in review)

Well Hello there!
This is a quick review of the last month

no commentary-
they're just cute.

"wock on babe!'
'dode... uhhh! you need a mile for da camwa!'
Christmas morning!

The 'piles'
we built a snowman...
meet piere.
We went here
it was beautiful as ever.
and...so was the company.
Love this girl.
It was king's favorite.
Um... and i love him.
on trax

The ONLY prego pic i'll ever post. (32 wks)

Besides this one.
I couldn't resist sharing Seth's face.
Every year mom and dad wright put
on a BEAUTIFUL dinner for the adults.
It was lovely.
(Please ignore the obesity.
the food was THAT good.)

This year for the durfey party we went to a cabin up by Heber.
IT was a BLAST.
We played.
We ate.
And played.
And ate some more.
I'm telling you...
this extra poundage isn't really a baby.
It's the holidays.

Some days it's all I can do not to eat him.
The nativity was the cutest ever to take place on the face of the planet.
(okay, i bet the real Nativity beat it...
but you get it.)
The boys
uh hum...
Endless kisses for Wama.

These two melt me.
They are 'bestest fwiends in da whole wowald.'
If you actually looked through all of those....
well you really just have too much time on your hands.
Speaking of time
I'm going to have plenty of it for the next HOPEFULLY 3 weeks.
pregnancy update.
I am almost 36 wks.
I am dialted to a 4
and 75% e-faced.
no end of contractions in sight.
no bueno.
they gave me steroid injections for her lungs,
meds to help slow labor,
and put me on bed rest.
oh how bitter sweet can my life be???
Bed rest?
you mean I don't have to clean up the hurricane that just hit my house?
(aka; Zay and King)
Dr.'s Orders.

Drum roll please

(it's technically been an intern until now)
Seth passed all of the exams needed to enter the PMD program at Merill Lynch,
and as of yesterday
I really couldn't be happier about anything.
in the world.
Except maybe the thought of not being pregnant...
that's a close one.
I am sooo proud of Seth.
He spent endless hours studying and prepping for this
(hopefully literally)

That's all folks.
Until next time...
which let's face it,
with my record-
It'll be a while.

Our Angel Baby