July 20, 2008

Family Fun

Last week almost everyone in the Wright family was home! It was so great to see everyone and to spend some time together. The only one missing was Sam, but in three weeks he will be home!!! YAY! We are so thankful for our family. We feel so lucky and so blessed to know that we can be together forever. I feel that family is the greatest gift our Heavenly father has given us while here on the earth. I only hope that someday I can look back and see my posterity doing as much good as this family that I was lucky enough to marry in to has done. I have so much love and respect for my in laws. Thank you for doing such a great job raising your children, I will be eternally grateful for the gift of your son to me! I love him more than life itself and it is very evident that you loved him and taught him to respect others, especially women. He treats me like a queen and I have you to thank for it! I LOVE YOU GUYS!  

Our Angel Baby