July 21, 2008

My lil' flower boy

As most of you know, my in-laws own a few flower shops. I know LUCKY ME... :) So the other day seth brought me home a bouquet of beautiful flowers and we had set them on the table. We put Isaiah in his seat to eat and stepped in the kitchen for a second to get his food 
and when we came back he had a flower in his ear! not really... that's a little far fetched right?... But really, when we came back he had pulled one of my roses out and was just holding it so cute. It was like he had picked it just for me and was saying "here mommy, I got you a flower!" Oh i just love that little guy! He is such a good baby and I don't know what I would ever do without him. I think he will follow in his papa and daddy's footsteps. :)

Our Angel Baby