August 4, 2008

A Mother's Love

 I can't believe that my baby, my little Seth, my buddy, my miracle, my world has now been a part of our family for 5 whole months! In these past few months i have gained a deeper understanding of the phrase "A Mother's Love"- It is instant, unconditional, and unlike anything I have ever felt. It consumes you, as it slowly takes over all that you have worked to become, until you realize that this is what you were born to be. This is what you are, a mother. I always thought that when you became a mom you suddenly knew everything. Everything made sense and you had all the right answers. After all, mom is always right, mother knows best... I figured it would just magically happen for me too. However, becoming a mom has taught me more than ever before that I really don't know anything! It has taught me that I need to rely completely on my Savior to ensure that I am doing all that I can to bring him back to our Heavenly Father. It has taught me to slow down and appreciate the little things, the smiles, the laughs, the twinkle in his adorable little baby blue's, the dimples in his little fists, and even the midnight feedings. I wouldn't trade it for the world. One thing that amazes me is how easy it is to love this little 18 pound bundle of joy! I just never suspected that love would feel so protective and paranoid all at the same time. I know I am no where near the mother I hope to someday be, but I am learning. Learning to notice and appreciate all of the little miracles that make up what I so affectionately call my Isaiah. 

Our Angel Baby