October 11, 2008


This is my husband.
He is the strongest man in the world... well at least on UVU campus. Here's the story. 
Sam (Seth's brother) called him while they were in school and said that they were having a strong man competition right now and that he could take all of the guys on. 
Seth said no. 
Sam said that he could win a flat screen. 
Seth said that he'd be right there. 
 {The ironic part is that we looked at flat screens the day before and decided that they were too expensive and that we would have to wait.} 
So seth called me and told me. 
I said Ya Baby! Bring on the flat screen! 
It was 3 days of competition. To make a long story short he crushed the competition. One of the competitors came up to me and said, 
dude, your husband is like super human,
 i said,
 i know :) 
The First day was Arm Wrestling and Stick Pull
The Second day was Holding a 50 lb Water jug above their head for the longest
and then running up a hill with two of them the fastest
The Third day was tire throw and Flipping a 500 lb tractor tire the most times in under a minute. 
Here is Seth Holing the water jug. He held it 2 and a half minutes longer than the next best competitor. And here is the future strong man cheering daddy on. The sun was bright.
Here is the flat screen!! {However, do you think a 22" was big enough? oh no, he took it back and upgraded to a 42". MEN
Here is the Tractor tire. He won this by over 7 seconds.
And of course, All of his cheerleaders! 

To Strong Man: You are my hero. You light my fire, your muscles turn me on. Let's run away together. 
Love, me. 

Our Angel Baby