November 11, 2008

8 Months... (a week late)

I don't know when i became such a blogging slacker! I used to be so much better...On Oct. 28th Isaiah turned 8 months old! So crazy how quickly they grow up. I wish there was a way to freeze certain moments, the moments that you do your best to hang on to and to remember all of the little details that no picture or journal entry could ever capture. Unfortunately, like everything with time these memories fade and you can't ever get them back. That is why I try to cherish every moment to the fullest. I feel so blessed to have this little guy, he is truly our miracle baby and nothing, NOTHING brings me more happiness than he does. He completes me. (or i should say us, because i know Seth feels the same way.) I have never loved my Isaiah more than i do today, literally, everyday i love him more... somedays i think it can't be possible to love him any more than i do that day, and then the next day comes and i do! I feel sorry for people that "wait" to start their families. What could possibly be worth postponing the most exciting and rewarding part of your life for? I guess this is something I will never understand. (no offense to any of you out there. Once you hold your baby in your arms for the first time you'll understand why i say this.) There is just absolutely NOTHING that I would rather be doing than being my sweet baby's mommy. One smile is all I need to chase away any sadness i might have felt. I love you Isaiah baby. 
Here are some 8 month Isaiah Updates:  
  • He has 5 teeth! They are so cute, two on top and 3 on bottom!
  • He says 3 words! To be completely honest I'm a littler bitter about this one... No mama... just, DaDA, Bye Bye, and Hi. 
  • He stands by himself. Only for a second though then he realizes what he's doing and slowly sits his little bum down. 
  • He walks along the furniture.
  • He crawls faster than i can walk... it's pretty cute how he books it to whatever it is he wants.
  • He constantly points his little pointer finger to the palm of his other hand... you are probably wondering what that means. He's marking it with a B! [c'mon people..  He wants to do pat-a-cake!] 
  • As soon as we say "i'm gonna get you!" He books it as fast as he can crawling away with a huge grin and giggles. 
  • He LOVES little girls! I think we might be in trouble with this one. No matter where we are if there are little girls around he finds them and smiles and giggles and waves, or he'll just crawl up next to them and grab their face, hair, or whatever else he can to get there attention. The Little Flirt!
  • When he wants to be held he will sit at my feet and crawl up my leg til' i pick him up. I can't resist.
  • HE waves bye bye, but as soon as he realizes that mommy or daddy are actually leaving, he tears up and starts crying. Which is probably why i have only left him twice, {for an hour-ish each time} since he's been born... a little ridiculous? What can i say i miss the little guy way too much!

Our Angel Baby