November 2, 2008

I love this man

For Seth's undergraduate degree he has been studying philosophy. The reason he chose philosophy was simply because he felt prompted too, and the because the definition of philosophy is the "love of wisdom". Those of you that know Seth know that he loves to learn, he loves to study, and he loves to read, therefore we thought this would be perfect. Not so. It has been a rough road from the beginning. He has had to put up with crazy liberals, (no offense to any of you out there... :) atheists, and plain out "haters" of anyone that believes in Christ. He was told day in and day out that if he still believed in God he was either naive or just plain dumb. He was told that the only reason he believed in God was because he had never taken the time to really study it out and that he was just a follower of what he has been taught by all of the other "mormons around here". Last semester we considered changing Majors but he only has 3 more semesters so he decided that he would just get through it and stick it out as best he could. Well last Monday I went to pick him up from school and he had a packet of papers in his hand. He looked pale, and was obviously very unhappy. I asked him what was going on and he handed me the papers, but quickly took them back and said, " I don't want you to see that." His professor had given the class a very disgusting and immoral paper on beastiality filled with filth and graphic dialogue. Seth went to the dean of the department after telling the professor that he didn't want to read it and was told that he needed to read it or it was his grade. His professor told him that he could take this as far as he wanted but that he wouldn't get anywhere fighting it. Seth took the paper to the president of the education dept. and finally got somewhere. To make an already long story short, it took all week but he has made some drastic progress. The dean of education was so understanding and was actually just as disappointed and disgusted as Seth was. He told him that if he wanted to, he would help him change his classes and his major mid semester. He would be graded from here on out and would start after mid terms. (He got to skip mid terms altogether!) He is now a Political Science Major and will graduate at the same time! Hooray!!!
It truly is a miracle to me that the lord was able to work this out for Seth. It is evidence to me that the lord is aware of us. He does know us. He will help us, and assist us as we stand up for truth.  I am so proud of my husband. He is a stalwart warrior in the battle against good and evil. 
Also, the philosophy dept. is going to change drastically now that someone was strong enough to stand up and make a difference. All of the philosophy is under a close watch. Everything that is taught now has to be approved before being presented to the students. Additionally, they are also making all of the professors go to a full day seminar on what is and is not appropriate to teach. 
I know that Seth was prompted to study philosophy for this very reason. It took someone strong to take the necessary steps to make a change in the department. I am so proud of him and feel so privileged to call him mine. 
I love you Baby xoxo

Our Angel Baby