February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Buster!

Dear Isaiah,
My precious little Buster.  One year ago today you came to our family, and what a wonderful day that was!  I remember holding you for the first time and wondering how I could be so lucky and so blessed to be given such a perfect, valiant, strong spirit.  I loved you instantly.  I remember staring into your eyes and feeling that I was
 going to burst with happiness as I held my new little bundle of joy.  You are such a special spirit- You epitomize joy.  You have always had a ready, emanate smile.  Your entire being lights up when you smile, and when you giggle.... there are no words. 

My sweet Isaiah, you are so strong. You have always been strong. From the womb, you held on when others didn't.  And after you were born and had to spend some time in the NICU, it was so hard to see you in such pain.  When they would give you shots, I would cringe and even cry, but you never did.  One of your nurse's commented on your quiet strength, and you have always been that way.  Not only are you strong physically, but spiritually as well.  From birth you seem to have had an innate sense of who you are and why you are here.  Your spirit strengthens me, and gives my life meaning that I did not know before you. 

Nothing brings me more happiness and joy than to watch you learn and grow.  You are so intelligent.  You have a maturity about you that I have never seen in another child.  Your whit and spunk continually surprise me.  You are such a tease!  You love to laugh, and you love to play.  Your energy is exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time.  You smiled for the first time at 1 month, You were sitting up on your own at 3 months, You got your first tooth at 4 months, you were crawling at 5 months and  You started walking on your own at ten months! You make your parents so proud, especially daddy.  Your first two words were 'ball' and 'da da'. You are truly a little version of your daddy.  I guess that explains my love for you better than anything.  I love to watch you play with him.  He lives for you, and he truly would give his life for you.  He loves you more than you will ever understand, until you have a son of your own.  I see in your daddy a Christ like love that I know your Heavenly Father had for you as well.  I know He misses your sweet spirit, but I am so thankful He has entrusted you to us.  You are beautifying us daily.  You are making us better people.  You have changed our lives, and I love every part of it. 

It may sound cliche', but your love for music makes my heart sing.  You have loved music ever since you were in my tummy.  You would wiggle and kick mommy in the ribs, but when I sang to you, you were immediately calm.  You have  now started bobbing up and down and dancing when music comes on.  Your newest trick, and my personal favorite, is when you move your arm, as if you were directing a choir, and sing.  Your little eyebrow's even go up and you move your head back and forth as you make that angelic little sound.  

Isaiah, today you are one year old.  In that year you have made your daddy and I  happier than we ever knew possible.  In the years to come I know that you will continue to be that valiant, courageous, beautiful person you are now.  Please always know of your parents love for you.  You mean everything to us.  You are our world.  You have made us re-commit to do everything in our power to be your mommy and daddy for eternity.  I pray that you will always remember why you are here.  That above all, you are a prince of a Heavenly King, and he has a great work for you to do.  You are a natural born leader with a great capacity to befriend others.  He needs you, He loves you and He will guide your life as you look to Him in all that you do.  I love you my sweet angel. Happy Birthday.

With every heartbeat.

Our Angel Baby