February 3, 2009


The last few days have been rough... and that may be a huge understatement. But- then my day took a complete 180 in the opposite direction. To illustrate what i'm talking about i'm going to share a story that happened yesterday. It actually started Sunday night- {P.S. this is a throw up story- For Real- Lots of throw up. You've been warned} 

On Sunday we spent the day at Justin and Micka's for Austin's baby blessing, which was beautiful by the way, and there was a lot of yummy food too, and that is where the story begins. I ate a lot. a lot a lot, and when I got home It all started coming up, Aagh! Now i'm no stranger to throwing up during pregnancy, but this was constant, and it wouldn't let up. So i took a sleeping pill and was able to get some rest. 
The next day was a nightmare. Seth was at school all day and then work so i was on my own. 
For those of you that know me you may know that i hate to ask for help, it's a weakness, but i do. I threw up all day. And that's not an exaggeration. Literally all day. I was too weak to lift Isaiah so the poor guy crawled around all day and tore the house apart, SERIOUSLY, tore the house apart. From every kitchen cupboard, (the lower one's) to the bathroom, the toilet paper, all of his drawers, the news papers, and everything in between. My house looked like a hurricane hit. And all i could do was lay on the couch and watch this happen, and run to the bathroom when i needed too. {or a bowl, or the garbage, or a bag... hey i warned you} But seriously it was that bad.  And just when i thought i couldn't puke anymore, and it couldn't get any worse, it did. 
Isaiah blew out. I mean all over his pants blew out. And guess what? Somehow I had let it slip that we were out of diapers. Yep that's right, not one left. So i managed to put sweats on and go to Wal-Mart. Somehow with a lot of prayers i made it there. I got the diapers, and was on my way out when it hit me again. I ran to the bathroom, made it to the garbage right inside the door, and puked. ALOT. A lady came in and i think she thought i was dying. Holding Isaiah on my hip and convulsing cause i was puking so hard.  So i figured I should probably go into a stall. I did my business hanging over the toilet in Wal-Mart, as Isaiah crawled under the stalls on the bathroom floor. {Isaiah made friends with some lady on the toilet as this was all happening} Like i said it was a horrible day. 

Eventually i made it home, back into the bathroom. And here is where the miracle happened.  

I had been home for about 30 minutes, when the doorbell rang and in walked my wonderful, amazing, father-in-law. He came in and said, "I heard you're not feeling too well..." He took Isaiah and held him and talked to me until the next miracle walked in. My equally wonderful, amazing Mother-in-law.  She came in and went to work. She played with Isaiah and cleaned my house spotless! Not only that but then Dad made dinner! It was truly an answer to my prayers. I can not tell you how thankful I am for my parents {in laws}. They have saved my life more than once, at least once with each pregnancy, and I love them so much. I couldn't ask for better family. I have never known more generous, caring, loving people in my life. Thank you again so much mom and dad, you saved me. 
Lot's of Loves

Our Angel Baby