April 2, 2009

An Adventure?

I can't believe I haven't blogged about this 'til now... but better late than never. Seth started working for Pinnacle Security about 2 months ago. With this new job comes an exciting adventure, we're moving to New York! That's right, Yonkers here we come. We move on the 20th of this month and will be there 'til the end of August.
To be honest.... I'm excited but extremely nervous! I am due on Sept 10, but Isaiah was 3 wks early and although I'm thinking positive I am a little nervous about traveling when I'm 8 almost 9 months pregnant, with a 1 year old, none-the-less. My Dr. said I can't fly after the 15 of Aug. And if things don't look good when I come back for a check up at the first of August I will just stay here in Utah and Seth will come as soon as he's finished. Unless of course I go into labor, then he will get his lil' rear home asap! (Please pray it doesn't come to that)  
I just have to keep telling myself... It's an adventure right?!

Our Angel Baby