April 29, 2009

[i almost got beat up by a Queen Latifah look-a-like, only not that pretty and maybe on meth.]

Dead Serious. 
It all happened yesterday while standing in line at the customer service desk at Target.
I didn't want to be there in the first place. I had gone through the regular check out, and afterwards noticed that the checker chick had put two tide bleach pens on my tab, I didn't want them, and they were 7 bucks! 
"well sorry ma'am, i can't do a return here, you'll have to go to customer service." 
URGHH! already a little bugged. 
So off I went to the customer service desk. 
The line was huge. 
I was ticked.
As i stood in line i watched this poor middle eastern woman struggling to keep her 3 children close. A baby, probably 6 months on her back, one 2 year old in one hand, and another three or four year old in the other, all while trying to communicate with the little english she knew her reason for being there. 
My heart went out to her.
 I can barley handle Isaiah and she was so gracefully handling 3! 
All of a sudden the oldest little boy broke free of his mom's grip and off he came to the line to flirt and talk with the others of us that were waiting. This poor little guy had on pants that looked more like shorts, and snot from his head to his toes. 
And then it happened.
Queen Latifah behind me snapped. 
She went up to the little boy, lifted her hand, and flicked him right in the forehead! I almost died! Then she flicked him again and said,  "Shoo! go get ya nose wiped kid! get out a here and get ya nose wiped!" She flicked him again and he ran to his mothers side. 
and then i snapped.
 (with my finger in the air, mind you, I turned around and said) 
"Excuse me! is that your kid?"
*Queen L*
"Hell no it ain't, and thank Heaven for that!"
"Well then you better not touch him again! If you laid a finger on my kid like you just did to that little guy I would personally make sure it was the last child you ever saw, let alone touched!"
*Queen L*
"OOH... well miss whitey has attitude-"
"And you've got some nerve!" (edited for language)

Then she stepped closer... glared, turned around with her return, and left. 

*The end*
My mom is scared for my life out here in New York, 
I can't for the life of me understand why.

Our Angel Baby