May 21, 2009

da da da da da- start spreading the news... {if you don't know the song forget it}

Last week we {me, Tammy, Aragon, and the two little one's (best buddies by the way, it's so cute) Evan, and Isaiah, took the ferry to Staten Island. It was so fun, and beautiful weather!
The other day Isaiah and I took a stroll through central park... Absolutely Beautiful!
Don't ask why these are the only two photos I managed to capture... something about chasing a hyperactive 14 month old.
This is our cute little selves on our way to church.(Don't worry We made him take off his hat for church.. although he probably would have fit in with some of the others had we let him keep it on. NO JOKE-- one girl walked in to sacrament meeting with an open botle of Vodka in her hand. Another girl was in tights and a tu-tu. OH how I love New York!.. really I do.)Church is an adventure out here in the big apple. We have to take the train to Grand Central, from there the subway to Time Square, and from there the subway to 65th st. About and hour an 15 min trip -- A far cry from the walk across the street we were so spoiled with back home. BUT- we love every minute of it because it's Sunday and that means Daddy is with us! Yay for Sundays... only wish they came more often. In the next life when I create my own world we will have at least 3 Sundays a week.
So this is a funny story. Any of you who know my Isaiah know that he is obsessed with basketball.. okay any ball.. or anything round.. or even remotely round. To him it's all the same. It's a ball. or 'Baw', as he says. 
We don't have TV out here and Seth had come home from work and turned a game on on the computer. It was midnight. Isaiah had been quiet for way too long.. we went in the family room to find him happily entertained by the game on the computer. 
He watched it for over a half hour with out moving. If you know this little ball of energy- you would know that that is a record.

But now for the important stuff--
I really have been horrible lately about doing my Isaiah updates. These are for me and might be a huge bore fest for the rest of you so if it is... deal with it. {with love}

I just need to brag for a minute. I don't know how, but somehow I had something to do with the cutest little man on the face of the planet. Serious. He's the best. He makes me smile. He makes me laugh... a lot. okay and sometimes (a lot more recently lately) he makes me pee my pants from laughing so hard, {i'm blaming it on pregnancy}. He does the cutest, funniest things. I just wish i could capture them all and rewind these precious times over and over. I want that tender darling innocence to last forever.

His favorite song is Book of Mormon Stories. He does all of the actions  too.. he puts his chubby little hands together and goes open-close, open-close, to tell me he wants to sing that one. A giggle never fails at the end.

He already loves his little brother so much, he pulls up my shirt and kisses my belly. It's absolutely darling. 

He actually catches the ball now. He has impressed many of the boys out here that he's already playing catch. Good arm, and great catch.
He makes daddy so proud.

Whenever I put my make up on he stands next to me and smacks his lips together, I'm trying to teach him that boys don't wear lipstick....{ah-hum Adam Lambert} still so cute though it melts my heart.

Whenever we put him in his highchair he folds his arms to say prayer. He's been the one to remind me to pray on more than one occasion.

He says: da da, Ba ba, or baow.. [don't know how to spell that one],dog, ma ma, mom, mommy, ball, gampa {grandpa} gama {grandma}, baCUUM {vacuum}, and waTOW {water} and My personal favorite and his too is his own name. He says 'Isaiah' over and over... he calls all of his friends Isaiah. He apparently likes his name, what can I say.

His little giggle is really the cutest thing ever. I need to just get it on video.. and soon. 
He is truly the apple of my eye, the light of my life, my angel, my treasure, my precious, my sugar, my sweetie pie... my world. I just can't imagine how I will ever love another one as much as I do him... but they say it happens. Can't wait for his little side kick to get here... 15 more weeks. Sigh.

And now the little man is awake.. so duty calls. signing off. 

Our Angel Baby