June 13, 2009

And if it turns out it's over to fast... I'll make every last moment last

Wednesday night Seth made all my dreams come true.
He took me to see WICKED on broadway!
Look at the excitement on his face!
Okay though.. for real. IT. WAS. INCREDIBLE. 
I've known the story and the music for 4 years, but just never had the opportunity present itself in a way that we could make it work. In fact when Seth told me to get the tickets I looked at prices and told him that we just couldn't pay that right now. He told me to get them and that he didn't care how much they cost because soon I will have another new born and then it will be at least another year before I could see it... long story short- we went. And I am so glad me did. I would pay it again tonight if I could!  IT WAS AMAZING. I told Seth after the performance that I could die happy...
 I think it's been so long since I have performed that I began to forget the passion I have for musical theatre. It awakens something in me... something i've missed. 
I have decided that after I have this baby I am going to start auditioning for just smaller parts-- nothing that would keep me away from the babies for too long. But enough to bring that passion back. I need it.
But you know what? As I was sitting there missing my time on the stage I thought to myself how luck I am that I chose what I did. I chose my family. I have the best, most supportive, understanding husband in the world, and the most adorable, perfect little miniature replica of him in my Isaiah. And another little one on the way! I feel so blessed to be where I am in life and wouldn't trade it for anything. 
Thanks again babe-- I love you!

Our Angel Baby