September 21, 2009

Call me a slacker- it's true.

It's ridiculous.
I know.
2 months?! that's a record.
I'll try to be a little less ridiculous.

In a few days I'm going to re vamp my whole blog-
I need a new look-
Something saucy..
Anyone know how to do this???
i'm clueless.
Really, there is SO much to catch up on.
I know i'll miss a lot too...
and Some are more important than others.

Most important we had our little King.

Kinda cute, huh?
Ode to King James.

We got the boys pics taken a few days ago, so when I put them up I will give you the whole run down of his birth story.
We did it natural- and I loved it.
Lot's of questions have stemmed from choosing a natural birth--
Details later. I promise.
But basically
I rocked it out.

These two got hitched.

They're way in love.
It's disgusting. In a melt your heart darling disgusting kind of way.
(and these two looked adorable... they didn't mean to steal the spotlight)


Really, I don't even want to talk about this one.
Seth thought it was a good idea to bring me home a pitbul puppy.
that's not all though-
somehow he thought this was a good thing to do
like i said-
i don't want to talk about it.

And Lastly-
My life consists of lots of poop.
I've changed 6 diapers this morning and it's not even 11.

It's a wonderful life.

Our Angel Baby