October 15, 2009

Hear me Roar

Today someone said this to me,

'You're such a girl!'
in a degrading tone, mind you

well DUH!

yeah, what does that mean?!

I mean I know what that means but ...

I am SUCH a girl, and PROUD of it.

* I love pretty things. (lace, polka dots, ribbons etc.)

* yes, PINK is my favorite color, don't judge me.

* I love babies

* I love shoes... lot's and lot's of shoes.
(nothing makes me feel sexier than a great pair of stilettos)

* Some day i'll admit i have a ridiculous addiction to shopping.
but not today.

* Lipstick is a necessity.

* I'm a sucker for flowers.

* A long hot bubble bath is my cure-all.

* I'm a total hopeless romantic. Luckily so is my man.
(or at least he humors me... I totally believe him though.)

* I could NEVER have too many accessories.

* I love to sing, and dance,... and all that jazzzz!
(has to be sung)

* Getting dressed up for a night on the town is cure-all # 2.
(the big SLC does too count)

* I am white, but I can shake what my mama gave me.

* I don't like to get dirty... however if i'm going to I will usually be found doing so in heels.

* You'll never see my toes un-painted.

* Diamonds really are my best friend.

* and maybe i do still dream about being a disney princess-- only maybe.

So... insult away-
cause being a girl isn't all that bad!

PS Last night LoVeR BOy took me to chef's table and the symphony.
It. Was. Lovely.
( and so were my shoes.)

Our Angel Baby