October 6, 2009

they love me

I am the luckiest girl alive.
This morning I woke up to my three boys loving on me.
I mean they really love me.
They love me so much they can't bear the thought of sleeping unless it is next to me.
or on top of me.
or in my arms.
or nursing... all night long. (applies to Kingston only- pervs)
You know, because who wants their 'own' space.
(what is that anyways?... whatever it once was it disappeared when I became a mom)
The point is this-
I thought I was lucky 3 years ago to have one fine looking gent holding and snuggling me all night long.
I still enjoy this, only now it's 3 fold.
What more could a girl ask for?
My strapping lover, and two mini's lying next to me.
I am very lucky indeed.

Our Angel Baby