December 2, 2009

King's birth story.. 3 months late

{I thought I would get around to posting this much sooner than I did... for the preface click here}

My dearest Kingston James,

The day you finally graced us with your presence was a beautiful one.
I say 'finally' because you threatened your debut around 26 wks, which you won't understand yet, but would have been completely disastrous.
We were living in New York at the time and cut our stay short by 2 months to be home to have you. Lot's of contractions made it impossible to live in the big city unless that is where I wanted to deliver-- and I didn't.
So with a lot of thought and prayer we decided it would be best to move home and be close to mommy's midwife and the hospital should you come early.

As the preface says I had decided long before it was time for your arrival that I was going to deliver you naturally. In preparation for the birth I had done a lot of research and found a doula to help me through the labor, a midwife to deliver you, and a hospital that catered to natural birth. I had read dozens of books and a gazillion birth stories.
I was excited, nervous, and completely prepared to have you.

On the morning of August 29, a good 2 1/2 wks before my due date, I awoke around 5 a.m. with the same contractions I had been having for some time. I had been to my midwife 4 wks earlier and was already at a 4 plus and 75% e faced at 34 wks, so I didn't think much of what I was feeling because I had been ready for so long.
It was nothing new to me-- But my heart told me that today was the day.
I woke daddy and told him I was ready.
I don't know if he believed me at that point, but he would shortly.
I waited 'til around 8 o'clock to call Cherrie, my midwife. I told her what I was feeling and that we were both ready.
Today was the day I was going to have you.
I knew you were ready, and I was DEFINITELY ready.
I learned a lot about mind/body power through my preparation to have you.
I talked to you daily and knew that we were on the same team. We would work together to keep you in until I would be able to keep you with me and not have you rushed away like Isaiah was. Together we were going to make it a good experience for both of us.

We went to Cherrie's home to be checked and learned I was already at a 6!
At that point a million feelings rushed over me.
Fear, anxiousness, joy, anticipation- but mostly overwhelming excitement.
I couldn't wait to see your sweet face, and hold your tiny little body.
I felt that I already knew you- I knew your gentle spirit, and knew your face would be familiar to me the moment I saw you.
The anticipation I felt knowing that today would be our much anticipated reunion brought many tears to mommy's eyes- the happy kind of tears.

Cherrie told us to go home and do whatever we could to get the labor moving.
We did a lot of squats, pressure points, warm baths, and stairs--
{and maybe a few other things you don't want to know about your parents... ewwww! gross mom.. I know.}
Before too long I was in active labor and contracting every 2 minutes.
Cherrie came over shortly after we got home and did more pressure points and massaging to help ease the labor.
I don't know if the excitement I felt helped dull the pain I was supposed to be feeling at that point, but I don't recall being too uncomfortable.
I labored most of the time on the birthing ball in my bedroom, which was wonderful.
Mommy's favorite by a mile.
I tried the bed-
and the bath,
but the birthing ball was still most comfortable.
I remember the look on Isaiah's face as he watched mommy during a pretty intense contraction, he was so worried and rushed to my side to give me a big hug and a kiss.
At that moment I remembered all of the reasons I had wanted it exactly like this and found renewed energy that carried me through the next phase of labor.
Grandma Wright and aunt Hannah came over, and they were fabulous.
They played with Isaiah, cooked food, and cleaned house to make mommy more comfortable.
Daddy was amazing through it all.
He held mommy through the pain, kissed my head with the completion of each contraction, wiped my forehead, and even made me laugh in between.

Around 4 o'clock cherrie checked me again.
I was an 8!
{more happy tears}
Cherrie was so worried we would have you in the car so we rushed as quickly as we could to the hospital. When we arrived and had settled into my hospital room grandma Durfey came. Mommy cried again, more happy tears.
Aunt Jerika and Aunt Katie were there also. They were great moral support. The hospital told us that they didn't feel that I even needed them, with all of the help I brought! You'll learn quickly what a great family you have.

What happened next is something I want you to remember and reflect on often throughout your life. The importance of focusing on the positive in difficult situations.
On the way to the hospital all my fears of Isaiah's birth came rushing back and literally paralyzed my labor.
It stopped completely. For 4 hours I sat at a 9.
Daddy talked me through my fears of them taking you away and told me that I knew you were healthy, and that I needed to have faith in my body, and faith in you.
I believed daddy and shortly after it was time to push.
It wasn't until this point in the labor that I was really in any pain.
Before that I was uncomfortable, but not in pain.
Daddy was so gentle with me.
He encouraged me with each contraction, held my legs, and reminded me why I wanted a natural birth in the first place.

Then the pushing started.
{insert tears... lot's of tears, and screams... and maybe yelling... daddy had claw marks from my fingernails... }
This part hurt a little, okay- it hurt a lot..
but with each surge of pain I knew you were that much closer to my arms,
and a short 30 minutes later you were born!
With that last push I will never forget the feelings that flooded my body!
Relief that you were finally out, joy that you were here and healthy, and an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction!
I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy 7 1/2 lb. baby boy!
{and i didn't even tear!}
And I did know your sweet face, I did get to keep you, and the joy I felt was so worth the short moments I of pain I endured.
You are everything mommy knew you would be and so much more.
Never forget how loved you are! You have already brought more joy to our family than I could ever describe! You truly are mommy's angel, I love you chunky monkey

With every heartbeat,


Our Angel Baby