August 24, 2010

Seriously... out numbered

It's true
I'm not even going to fight it-
there i said it

we have had a pretty exciting month 'round here.
for three reasons really
1. Seth got offered a job at Merril Lynch. (we're taking it, more exciting news to come on that)

2. We are having a..........
(I really don't mind this, I just think of myself as the princess with lot's of princes that love me
.... although sometimes it feels more like i'm the maid or servant to all of these dirty little men)
HOWEVER-- I couldn't be happier to have another little man running around here.

3. We put an offer on some property yesterday on the foothills above santaquin...
It's beautiful! Gorgeous view, Great location....
I didn't sleep a wink last night because I was sooo excited about this.
The thought of having my own house...
my own place....
being a grown up...
I'm getting giddy thinking about it.
Stop Jenna, stop.
We'll see.
We should know by fri, so we'll keep you posted.
Let's just hope the Lord is on the same page we are.

Our Angel Baby