October 26, 2010


You'd think with being on a blog hiatus for what, 2 months? ish...
that I'd come back with some witty, clever comment about my crazy life...
No such luck.
Just me.
and my ever crazy boring life.
(bit of an oxymoron?)

Really, there's just so much I don't even know where to begin.

Let's do a checklist shall we?

and of course first things first

1. remember how the last post was about me being totally outnumbered? Well that is no longer the case. he, apparently, had a sex change...
and is now a GIRL!!!
I couldn't be more thrilled.
Lot's and lot's o' lace, sparkly things, pearls, pink, and bows around this house already.
Her name is Pearl.
(Funny story about that... told my grandma we are naming her Pearl, and she looked at me with a look i'll never forget and said, 'PEARL!... Pearl?... Pearl was the harlot of my high school.' I laughed for... no no I'm still laughing about that. Promise she won't be a 'harlot' grams :)

(although I don't think this is a good thing on our pocket book...
It has been a blast prepping for this little one:)

2. Dode turned 1!
He is such a little angel baby...
I mean really?

He is about the sweetest thing on the planet.
I love him.
And he LOVED his birthday cake.

it was a swim party. He enjoyed the not swimming part.

3. Isaiah woke up about a month ago and couldn't walk. He said his leg hurt and just wouldn't move, which is VERY uncharacteristic of him. (massive understatement)...
So after a few hours of this I called the Dr. and they said to bring him in.
I did and he said it wasn't broken but badly sprained.
They put him in this.
He thought it was cool for the first.. mm... hour.

Dr. Said he would need to leave it on for at least a week,
then they would check it and it may be on for up to a month to 6 weeks.
The next morning Isaiah decided he had an agenda all his own.
(this was a hard cast under the wrap)
He started out his morning in his usual crazy way,
running, hopping,
you know... jumping off a few things,
and as he jumped off the top of the couch,
he broke the cast in half.
true story.
pulled it off and informed me that his leg was better.
and I guess it was,
cause it hasn't bothered him since.
Ahh...my little stunt man.

4. Lastly, a little about Seth and I...
Seth got a job at Merrill Lynch.
He loves it.
It is part time til' February and then it will become a full time position.
They will also pay for his MBA program.

Oh and we moved!
After 6 different offers falling through, we decided that buying isn't what the Lord
wants for us at this time and found a beautiful town home in Orem that we are renting.
We are happy.
We love it here and know that the Lord had a hand in this.
He is so mindful of the details of our lives-
this becomes more evident to me every day.

As for me...
I'm fat.
and happy.
Pearl is getting bigger every day
and I love the feeling of this little lovely growing inside me.
I love her so much already
Can't wait to meet her.
February can't get here fast enough.

Our Angel Baby