September 29, 2011

Why i'n talkin' so loud?

Can I just tell you you much I love this kid?
Well.. No I can't because I don't know any words that can sufficiently describe.
My first born
My daredevil
My love.
Have you ever met him? if not you're missing out.
The kid is funny.
I mean funny-
He keeps me laughing.
(ie- The other day I was at my wit's end... I gave him 'the look' and said,
'Zay- One more sound...!'
he said,
'MOM, why you not bein' nice to me... don't you know I LOVE you!'
He also keeps me on my toes.

Poor lil' guy has had croup/ear infections more times than I can count-
and we recently learned why he is ALWAYS yelling.
He has so much fluid in his ears that it's caused him to have only 50% hearing.
Poor kid.
no wonder...
it actually explained a lot.
So our Dr. decided getting tubes put in and adenoid removed would be a good choice.
We obliged.
ANYTHING to help us stay out of the ER in the middle of the night with a barking child.
He was amazing.
The nurse said
'usually the child is a little upset when we take them back.. so be prepared.'
Not my Zaya.
ALWAYS up for an adventure.
He marched through those doors with a smile as big as Texas and never looked back.
On the ride home he was practically whispering, (which was a first)
and he said,
'mom... why i'n talkin' so loud?'
He can finally hear his own voice.
Kind of broke my heart.
Here's to hoping the problem is fixed.
My heart bursts with pride over this little chap.
I love him.

This is a clip of him on his first ride by himself.
On a motorcycle.
He's 3.
Yes 3.
Don't ask. or I might yell at you too. (ahem... Seth)
p.s. I sound like a man in this video. Darn cold... please ignore.

Our Angel Baby