September 23, 2011

Pearl's Birth Story in Words

Pearl Suann-
My sweet daughter.
This is the story of your birth, and the details leading up to it.
My precious Pearl
I want you to know how much I love you; how much I adore you.
I remembered hearing that a mother's love for her daughter was different than any other love,
but didn't understand til' the moment I laid eyes on you.
And then I did.
And it was.
You are a dream, little one.
You have an enormous spirit in that tiny little body with SO much potential.
Our Heavenly Father is SO proud of you,
as am I.
Your beauty radiates from the inside out.
There is nothing lacking when it comes to your beauty.

You have completely stolen my heart-
(not to mention my might, mind, AND STRENGTH (you're a great match for my stubbornness...which I didn't know was possible!)
and let's be real...
the english language is woefully inadequate to describe what you've done to that daddy man of yours.
He is completely enthralled by you.
I never thought I could see him look at another soul the way he looks at me
and then you were born.

The weeks leading up to your birth were difficult.
I was put on bed rest at 33 wks to hopefully keep you in for a bit longer.
Fortunately, we have some wonderful friends and family that stepped in and took over.
I mean took. over.-
from housework, to babysitting, to meals.
It was taken care of.
and for that I will be eternally grateful.
Really, one of the greatest reasons you were able to stay in that comfy womb of mine as long as you did was because of one person.
You have the privilege of carrying her name.
Grandma Susie.
If there is one person I would like you to pattern your life after-
it is her.
It is a precious name.
and it is a big name to live up to-
and that's why we've given it to you.
I knew from the moment I felt that first kick that shook the bed (literally)
that you were a mighty woman, a powerful woman, a woman with a heart of gold.
Just like your grandma.

The morning of your birth was a beautiful one.
It was about 2 wks before my given due date.
Daddy and I had already picked the day we wanted to have you-
(My body was ready to have you at 30 wks- hence the bed rest)
It was a Friday.
Daddy had taken the day off and the bags were packed.
The sun was shining and the smell of cleaning products permeated the house.
It was a good day for having a baby.

I woke up and started moving- for the first time in a month and a half really.
It was divine.
We went for a walk
and then Daddy told me he had arranged for me to have a massage at 11:00.
(I know, right?)
he's pretty great- that daddy man of yours.
at this time the contractions were already about 3 mins apart.
I left for my massage and told daddy to be ready in exactly one hour-
if not before.
Half way through the massage I called and told daddy to be ready to head to the hospital
and that I didn't think I had time to finish the massage.
We took your sweet brothers
(who, may I add- ADORE YOU)
to aunt Heather and uncle Joe's house.
Kingston was so sad... Isaiah on the other hand, didn't even realize we had left.

We arrived at the hospital around 2:00 in the pm.
they checked me in and said I was definitely in labor, at a 5+, and immediately started me on the antibiotic
(I was strep B positive... no bueno)
This was difficult.
I had to have 2 doses
and wasn't able to move as freely as I would have liked through the contractions because of it.
I had to sit for about 3 hours to get the full dose-
I wasn't in too much pain at this point.
just uncomfortable.
Once the antibiotic was in and they gave me the go-ahead to try to move the labor along,
I got up and started walking the halls.
It was about 5:30 at this point and I was at a 6.
Daddy left to get food for mommy
(...which was a no no- according to the nurses- but our awesome midwife, claudia, told us that 'what she didn't see didn't hurt'... we love her.)

He came back with a wendy's chicken sandwich, fries, frosty, AND a diet coke to boot.
The phrase 'Fat and happy' had never been more fitting.
We ate and made merry.
at this point the contractions were practically on top of each other,
but not unbearable.
Claudia checked me and I was a 7.
I asked her to break my water.
I remember her saying they were surprised at the amount of fluid I had
... which could have contributed to the pre-term labor because of the pressure on my short frame.

The contraction right after they broke my water was...
well, weird.
I remember feeling like a bowling ball had just crashed on to my pelvic bone.
I let out a little squeal-
the nurse felt the need to inform me that,
'this is what a contraction feels like without the water bag cushion, honey'.
(thank you, shirlock!)
...she wasn't my favorite nurse...

I told daddy I wanted to move to the bath tub.
This was heavenly.
It's amazing what the warm water does for an achy body.
(Daddy thinks it hilarious how you love your baths... he's sure it's because I indulged daily in bath time while carrying you.)
After about a half an hour in the tub I told daddy I needed to go to the bathroom...
little did I know that this phrase was key for,
'I'm having a baby right now!'
Claudia practically jumped in the bath to check me.
still a 7.
really just needed to go.



So I did my 'bidness'-
and as I stood up I felt your head break through.
I went from a 7 to a 10 just like that.
I told daddy to go get the anesthesiologist.
Daddy looked at Claudia.
Claudia laughed.

'Miss Jenna, we're having a baby-
NOW!' she said.
Daddy carried me to the bed.
I couldn't make myself lie down-
so I knelt on the bed and clung to the back of it.
I had a few contractions and within seconds-
You made your sweet entrance in to this world.
Daddy delivered you.
It was so peaceful.
I remember hearing your first perfect little cry.
The emotions that overcame me are something I don't know that I could even describe if I tried.
It was beautiful.
It was romantic.
It was perfect.

I was able to hold you to my body and love you.
And love you I did.
For a long, long, time.
The nurses kept asking if they could take you to clean you off
but I couldn't make myself take my eyes off your perfect, beautiful little body.
You are a dream come true for me little girl.
You Epitomize everything good in this world.
I love you more than life itself and hope you ALWAYS know that.
I'm sure we will have our differences-
When you're like, a teenager and like, know everything...
and your mother is the farthest thing from cool.
but I promise to always be here for you.
No matter what.
I will be here.

forever and for always-
with every heartbeat.
I love you pearly sue.

Our Angel Baby